Saturday, December 01, 2007

Two Saturday videos

A little Christmas season reality

H/T Siamang

United States of Jesus

H/T Kristie


byron smith said...

"They'd crucify him. ... America is a little too Christian for Jesus." Some great lines here, though I still found it a somewhat painfully American-centric view of the world. Why does being pro-American involve belief in America as a messiah nation?

Benjamin Ady said...


great question.

But I think he's picking up on something there. I mean America very much sees *itself* as a messiah nation. So to deny that is to deny its self identity, and that sort of makes it hard to be pro-America. I think.

I mean I guess you can deny someone's self identity and be "pro" that someone in *some* sense. But not in the normally used sense, I think.

byron smith said...

I've always got the impession that being 'for' someone or something means to love and trust them enough to tell them the truth. If their self-perception is dangerously wrong, I'm not sure how reinforcing that mistake is an expression of support. I love America, and for that very reason I think it's important that she drop the messianic impulse (not to mention for the sake of the rest of the world).