Saturday, December 15, 2007

I finally got a wristband

Wristbands have been all the craze in the U.S. over the last coupla years. First there were the WWJD ones, followed by the Live Strong ones and the ONE ones. So I finally got one.

You can't really see it very well in this photo. It says "IDKWJWDSWTFAIGTDN"

It's for "I don't know what Jesus would do, so what the fuck am I going to do now?"

Thanks to Joe for the suggestion.


Joe said...

Ooookay then ;)

Megs said...

i have one too - limited edition what the fuck would jesus do wristbands, compliments of bens! fanks, as eowyn and coco would say!

btw,your arm isn't as hairy as it looks in that pic. i don't date hairy men. well, i did once, years ago.

i don't marry hairy men.

though i would have married you dahling, even if you were hairy..

i'm sorry your phone is lost!

there's chocolate fudge setting in the fridge!


chocolate fudge is an effective aphrodisiac!

byron smith said...

This one made me laugh out loud (I hate 'LOL').

Though can I say, sometimes writing a comment after megs is a little embarrassing because it means I have to admit that I read what she just wrote. Bless her socks (and her fudge).

Kat said...

I love the bracelet it rulz! (megan, hairy men arent that bad unless its like shag in which case...ugh. grin)

Benjamin Ady said...

just a little clarification for all my aussie and british readers. Chance are reasonably good that my rocking sister Kat was not thinking "shag" when she wrote "shag". Chances are she was merely thinking "shag": really thick carpet. It's an American thing. Like guys who introduce themselves as Randy. It is what it is.

Then again, Kat certainly has the brilliant and humor to have gone for the double entendre. I just suspect her exposure to international english hasn't been at that level. I'm probably actually totally wrong.

You rock Kat.

Joe said...

This present you're sending me for christmas B.... errr... never mind