Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hooray for the Chinese

I think the Chinese made a great call in recently refusing to let the U.S. "Carrier Strike Group", the U.S. Kitty Hawk and 8 associated ships, to enter Hong Kong.

I mean after all what *is* a U.S. Carrier Strike Group, anyway? It's the world's largest mobile death and mayhem machine. It's the largest mobile death and mayhem machine in recorded history. I wouldn't let them enter my port either.

And I bet Jesus wouldn't either.


Joe said...

Does Jesus own a major deep water port?

Benjamin Ady said...


I'm not sure. It was a hypothetical. I mean he might. Who frickin' knows what Jesus might be up to where? He disappeared in a bunch of clouds 2000 years ago. A guy who could do such a thing can probably travel faster than light, terraform uninhabitable planets, visit other parts of the multiverse. Who knows?

Joe said...

You're right.

I wear a(n imaginary) band which says:


which roughly translates as 'I don't know what Jesus would do, so wtf am I going to do now?'

wwjd is about as useful in most circumstances as a chocolate teapot.

I agree though, I have major difficulties picturing the prince of peace controlling a FO aircraft carrier and having his finger on a nuclear button.

kat said...

I sure dont know wwjd if she does actually exists, but HEY....I like chocolate teapots and I think they could be very useful. Chocolate is so soothing.....MMMMM


Benjamin Ady said...


you rock. I'm rather into the idea of chocolate teapots as well.


I love your wristband