Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Look people--want a simple exercise to increase your happiness? Join my other blog! the people at U Penn--including the super smart one, Martin Seligman, have demonstrated empirically that doing this simple exercise, even for a short time (one *week*) will make you lastingly happier (at least for 6 months). (Of course it also helps to be on the upside of your cyclothymia. but that's another story, and altogether different) By the way, the relevant bit of that PDF (the one linked to the words "demonstrated empirically") is on pages 5-6. although the whole thing is very readable. The key with the exercise is to not only write down three things that went well each day, but *why* they went well.

If you wanna join, just email me. It's benjamin.ady at gmail.com. of course you will have to delete the spaces and change the "at" to "@". I do it that way to avoid spam. although Gmail is fricking briliant for spam--I basically never get any, even thought I don't really guard it that well. which is to say you should get a gmail account if you don't already have one, since everybody knows google is going to rule the world, as soon as they find a way to open sourcishly defeat the current American Empire of the World.

wow I'm glad I'm not running for president. It takes a certain kind of ... stupidity to do that, doesn't it? hmmmm.....

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