Friday, November 09, 2007


This is too freaking kewl. A tesseract--that is to say--a hypercube. It's the four dimenensional analog of a cube. That is, it is to a cube what a cube is to a square. And this is a 3 dimensional projection (it's shadow) being rotated. It's hard to get your head around becase we not only have the fact that we're trying to imagine the 3 dimensional shadow of a four dimensional object, but we also have the fact that we are attempting to portray that 3 dimensional shadow on your two dimensional computer screen. Someday, I suppose, assuming we find fixes for peak oil and global warming, among other things (peak water?!!?) maybe we'll have holo-monitors for our computers. But not yet.

Or better yet, maybe some 4 dimensional scientist will design some way for us to be able to see in four dimensions. That would be kewl.
This sort of thing is why wikipedia rocks. It's english wiki's picture of the day today.

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Megs said...

i love this cube! it symbolises for me the beautiful cyclic nature of life, the moon, water, women's bodies (my period came just now,by the way! THAT explains my recent outlook! love you!!)