Thursday, November 08, 2007

Posited: the end of malaria by 2012.

Posited: The United States could single handledly *end* Malaria by 2012.

If Jeffrey Sachs is right, we could control Malaria in Africa for US$3 billion dollars a year.

The One campaign is asking U.S. voters to press the 2008 presidential candidates to make a priority out of global extreme poverty and disease.

If the U.S. gave 1% of it's annual federal budget to battle these problems, that would be ... US$30 Billion per year, or 10 times the amount needed to end malaria, thus saving the lives of 2 millions children in Africa every year.

for 1 tenth of one percent of the federal budget, we could be looking back in 2012 saying--hey look, we did it. We ended malaria. yeehaw

That would rock. I feel it. It could happen. why not? We were first to the moon. We broke the much vaunted sound barrier. we (have *almost) eradicated polio. why not? argue with me. I dare you.

And here's anther challenge--see if you can figure out how much money Jonas Salk, or anybody else, for that matter, any big corportation, university, you name it--ever got for the development of the polio vaccine.

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