Tuesday, December 11, 2007


U.S. Panel Cuts Jail Time for Crimes Tied to Crack Cocaine

The United States Sentencing Commission voted unanimously today to lighten punishments retroactively for crimes related to crack cocaine, a decision that could affect some 19,500 federal inmates. The decision, which was made over the objections of the Bush administration (whose leader really should be facing charges in the Hague as I write), takes effect on March 3, 2008, and it will not mean automatic release for those serving time. But it does open the door for them to apply for sentence adjustments and possible earlier release.


Here's my campaign speech for the day. "When I'm sworn in as president of the United States, my first act will be to enact sweeping pardons for the unbearably large prison population in this country. I intend to pardon fully half of all prisoners in this country. People are not meant to live in cages. Period."

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