Monday, December 17, 2007

orange juice and APOD

but not necessarily in that order.

So for those of you who don't know about it, there's a really gnarley little piece of software called APOD 1.0 (there's a similar piece of software which isn't quite as kewl for macs here) which once installed will grab the astronomy photo of the day and set it as your windows desktop background everday. It's a real treat, cause the photos are are very nearly always beautiful and amazing.

Astronony photo of the day has chosen their favorite 12 images of 2007. Very nice.

Today I dumpstered 6 450ml bottles of orange juice (It says on the lid "use by 12/17/07 (that's 17/12/07 for you aussies)). I have decided that the people who write the advertising for this orange juice have assumed that the buyer is beyond stupid, and that therefore I will never buy it. Of course at one level the advertising worked, 'cause I'm blogging about it, albeit negatively. The juice is called "Bolthouse Farms 100% valencia orange juice." On the side of the bottle it says, among other things, "Why you should feel good about what's in this bottle (I already feel good about it, 'cause I got it for free =). Our 100% Orange Juice is made from fresh Valencia oranges that are pressed, delicately pasteurized, and bottled on in the same day for a mouth-watering taste unlike any other"

Can someone help me out here? How the hell do you "gently" pasteurize something? Is that kind of like ... gently removing a tooth?

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