Tuesday, March 18, 2008

glorified sailing bodies

So how will you know when the real Jesus comes to earth? I'll know Jesus has reappeared when my glorified body sails through the heavens past the Milky Way into the presence of God.

That's from the FAQ portion of John McCain backer John Hagee's web site. Hagee is a Zionist, and a televangelist, and heads a non-profit organization which reportedly pays him over a million dollars a year. (now where can I find a gig like that?)

I'm pretty sure some largish minority, or perhaps even a majority, of Americans believe the Glorified Sailing Bodies Theory of Jesus' return. (BICBW)

So I just have one question. Are all these glorified bodies, sailing past the Milky Way (and god doesn't *that* sound a bit disorienting (and cold? brrrrr.)?) going to be clothed? I mean if they're glorified, hell, they might as well be naked as well =).

I dare you to try not to visualize that. =p

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Victor and Rachel J-L said...

You're a gem, Benjamin!