Saturday, March 15, 2008

Capitilalization, and a confession

First, the confession. A couple months ago, Hillary Clinton's campaign website was offering a free bumper sticker, and in the spirit of the idea that if I and everyone else signed up for it, we could cost her campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars, I went ahead and signed up, knowing it would get me on her email list, which I didn't mind, 'cause it's nice to see what the insiders get.

So since then, I've been on both Obama and Hillary's email lists. And today I noticed something I hadn't caught before.

All my emails from the Hillary campaign start out "Dear benjamin".

All my emails from the Obama campaign start out "Dear Benjamin".

(It should be noted that Hillary and Bill and Chesea's names, at the closing of the various emails, are all capitalized.)

Now probably this is just a function of how I typed in my name when I first got on their respective email lists. But ... I think their software should fix this. And I'm also curious, so now I'm going to go sign up on Obama's campaign with a different email address that I happen to own, and I'll put in "benjamin", rather than "Benjamin". Just to see if *his* software switches it to a capital.

I'm taking bets. Who thinks Obama's software will capitilize my name? Who doesn't?

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