Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Quotes from George Bush's speech today which confuse me. Two things most of all confuse me: 1. What does George Bush *mean* when he refers to the already accomplished "liberation of Iraq". and 2. Does he refer to so many crimes of Saddam which match up so perfectly well with crimes of the U.S. because he actually doesn't *see* the similarities, or does he see and ignore?

  • The answers are clear to me
  • The men and women who crossed into Iraq 5 years ago ... rescued millions from unspeakable horrors
  • Operation Iraqi freedom was a remarkable display of military effectiveness.
  • Our troops engaged in pitched battle with ... death squads that obeyed neither the conventions of war nor the dictates of conscience
  • Aided by the most effective and precise air campaign in history ...
  • New chapters to the story of American military heroism
  • The liberation of Iraq took incredible skill and amazing courage--the speed, precision, and brilliant execution of the campaign will be studied by military historians for decades to come.
  • Because we acted,
    • S. H. no longer fills fields with remains of innocent men women and children
    • S's torture chambers and rape rooms have been closed for good
    • S's regime is no longer invading it's neighbors and attacking them with chemical weapons.
    • (Hmmmm. This sounds like a list of things the U.S. has done since the invasion)
He seems to have a profoundly different understanding of Al Qaeda's strategy in Iraq than my own understanding. My understanding of their strategy was to continue to train their members on the cheap, treasure wise, while this war pushes the U.S. into a perhaps un-recoverable economic tailspin. Did I miss something?


Megs said...

do you think he really believes all that? or do you think he just doesn't have the courage (or doesn;t think it politically wise) to be more honest and realistic in the way he reflects on the war? imagine if he did say something like 'we didn't really we were making the wrong choice, and we're really sorry'...

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