Monday, March 31, 2008


This guy is coming to speak at my beautiful mother's church. He calls Islam "worse than a cancer" which is triply distressing for me both because my mother is *dying* of cancer, and today I saw Mike Weeks, who the principal of the christian school I grew up in, and then of the homeschooling cooperative I did high school in.

I went to see Mike Weeks, who I basically haven't talked to in 7 years, because I heard that he was dying of cancer and probably would die within a couple weeks, and I wanted to ... clear the air with him, in a sense--you know, ask him if there was anything I might be able to apologize for, and tell him thank you for all the hard work he put into my education. But when I went to see him today, He was in no shape to talk--he didn't even recognize me, I don't think--he was on a lot of pain drugs. I remember him as a strong leader, and today he was so very old, and weak, and he's only 50ish, I think.

So I didn't get to talk with him.

At least my lovely mom is still able to eat. The doctor said probably eventually the ovarian cancer would block her GI tract again and make her unable to eat.

Anyway, I wish I had half the hope that it takes to be either a Muslim or a Christian. I've only known two Muslims in my life, and they were both delightful people. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. They make up 22% of the population of the planet. Christians make up another 33%. And this Usama fellow is spreading lies and hatred between the two groups.

But the calling Islam a cancer just really got me today. Starting crying writing this. My beautiful mother is planning to go to this class at her church in a couple weeks--three evenings under the tutelage of this Usama. Very very distressing.


Megs said...

he recognised you

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will cheer you up.