Sunday, May 06, 2007

2 Sunday Videos

At great risk of being amazingly (by blogosphere standards) behind the times, I simply must post the video by Jen: Women in christianity. It speaks for itself, and Jen rocks, and I green with envy that she gets to start at MHGS next year.

I ran across this last week, HT to blogger. I just really like it, and did so almost instantly. He seems to be getting at something deeply true.

re: your brains, by Jonathan Coulton,


byron said...

Scary collection of quotes in the first video,* though I wasn't quite sure what Plato was doing there.

*Would have been nice to have had the specifc references, particularly where they were not being quoted directly.

Benjamin Ady said...

yeah, I agree with you about the references. maybe Jen has them. I'm guessing the video is based on a paper she did for some class.