Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quote from Jim Henderson, and OTM's Idealab

From this interview. I love this. He nails several things perfectly in one beautifully succinct statement.

Here’s how people feel whenever they enter a new experience—alone and stupid. Churches need to “attack” those feelings by training Christians (the non-professional and non-highly motivated kinds) to simply say “hi” to someone who they have not noticed before.

good god those highly motivated kinds can be creepy, can't they? I'm laughing while writing here. Go Jim.

Oh, in case you didn't know about it, I highly recommend the book which drew Matt and Jim together: Jim and Caspar Go to Church (Caspar is Matt's last name--don't ask me--I think he goes by either or something)

And while I'm promoting Off-the-Map's Stuff, Can I recommend also their monthly ezine, Idealab, which always has kewl stuff in it. You can subscribe here.

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Helen said...

Hi Benjamin, I love that quote too - it's so true that people feel alone and stupid in new situations.

I heard Jim say that when he was meeting with some pastors a few weeks ago and I was there. I loved how clear it was.