Friday, June 08, 2007

stop and hear the music

So a couple months ago I posted about this story, where one of the top violinists in the world played, for a while, some of the greatest music ever written on one of the most valuable violins ever played in a busy washington D.C. metro station, incognito, as it were. The question was, would anyone stop and listen? People pay over $100 to hear this guy on this violin in an opera hall or theatre. So I found out recently that the whole thing got videotaped--looks like by a security camera. Here it is. HT to Byron


Justin said...

So... Beauty does not transend?

Now thats a suck!

Great video, isn't it?

Megs said...

Our materialistic, self-focused hurry is stopping us soak in the beauty ... how ironic that people paying $100 to hear this master would make themselves enjoy it, even if they didn't, and those passing him for free had their souls and ears so closed they couldn't appreciate the beauty. Let's not let that become us!!!!

Love Megs