Friday, June 01, 2007

Pine cones

A quote from my totally awesome sister Kat. It's from her recent post on a totally rocking new blog, where you too are invited to share your three blessings!

I have this wierd facination with cruching pine cones. When I see
them on the ground I love to crunch them under my shoe. It is just the
most satisfying crunching sound and brings back great memories of camping days
of yore. Well today I went out to my car to get something while at work
and I hear a little rustle in the tree right next to my car and turn to see what
it is and there on the ground next to my car is a freshly fallen pinecone all
ready for me to crunch. Its wierd I know but mmmm such a treat.

1 comment:

Megs said...

crunchy is good!
i can't seem to manage to post 3 blessings on your 3 blessings site, so shall post them here...
1. seeing lovely Benjamin between his exams!
2. The way Coco says "mummy" and looks trustingly up at me
3. Eowyn's elaborate explanation of her world, and the honour of having her share this with me

love you Bens!