Friday, June 22, 2007

firstborns are smarter!

(sorry Kat!)

A study published today in the journal science found that firstborns have higher intelligence. The study of 240,000 Norwegian men found that firstborns have 2 to 3 points higher IQ's than their younger siblings. Apparently this is related to the way that parents *treat* their firstborns, as men who were second or third born, but whose older siblings died, had IQ's statisticall similar to those of firstborns.

This is really intriguing. It's not genetic. It's environmental. Very kewl (of course is can't be broken down that simply!)

I'm smarter than you are nah nah nah nah nah nah!



Megs said...

but of COURSE we first borns are smarter ... and the more siblings you're the oldest of, the smarter you are! narny narny na na!
love you!!!!

(Cosette, of course, is an exception, and like Eowyn, you and me is brilliant, even if not a first born!!! Perhaps she's brilliant coz she has to live with three first borns?)

LP said...

what about onlies?

Benjamin Ady said...

Actually, Laurel, the onlies are also firstborns, for the purposes of this study. So yes, you're smarter too. =). Welcome to the club!

Benjamin Ady said...

Of course, I rather suspect we firstborns are also significantly more obnoxious. comes with the territory, I guess. =)