Monday, June 18, 2007

the cosmic censorship hypothesis and naked singularities

I ran across this wiki article today by accident (while looking for the one on technological singularity, which is also fun, which I also ran across by accident some time ago while looking for something else. but here the mad infinite digression stops, because I can't remember the something else any longer). It said this:

In general relativity, the cosmic censorship hypothesis (CCH) is a conjecture about the nature of singularities in spacetime.

Singularities that arise in the solutions of Einstein's equations are typically hidden within event horizons, and therefore cannot be seen from the rest of spacetime. Singularities which are not so hidden are called naked. The weak cosmic censorship hypothesis conjectures that no naked singularities other than the Big Bang singularity exist in the universe.
I have an *extremely* vague idea what this is talking about. How vauge is your idea of what it is talking about? In any case, it strikes me as fun and funny.

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i like you naked!