Sunday, June 03, 2007

Faith in a Dress

So this month's edition of Porpoise Diving Life, called "Faith in A Dress", drew so many submissions that it spawned a whole new blog! Totally and totally check it out---there are lots of brilliant writers in there, some of whom I know a little, and some of whom I don't yet know. Kudos to Bill for choosing such excellent and brilliant guest editors for June.

From Faith in Dress:

In June 2007, Pam Hogeweide and Erin Word were given the generous opportunity to guest-edit Bill Dahl's publication Porpoise Diving Life; and we chose to have this issue be written entirely by women.

We received numerous amazing submissions, and desired to create a place where people could interact with the articles, poetry and other submissions we received.

Again, lots of great stuff over there. Totally check it out--you won't regret it.

Did I say you should check out this new blog? =)

(sorry--it's late, and I'm a bit tired I guess)

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