Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Who is suffering over the Iraq War--a disconnect

This morning (April 24), Laura Bush told Anne Curry on the Today Show "No one suffers more than the president and I [over the iraq war]"

I honestly feel sorry for her. To have her experience of disconnect so ... publicly exposed must surely, eventually, be rather painful.


Megs said...

i have been realising that i don't understand a lot of the suffering experienced by those around me, and those with whom I share a planet and have never met. i don't know why i had to pretend to myself that i did understand everything. certainly, the terror, fear, horror of being touched by war is hideous beyond my imaginings, and I'm sorry, fellow human beings immersed in such suffering...

cynical sam said...

oh deary me.
poor mrs b.
fell on the floor
and cut her knee