Sunday, April 22, 2007

Recreating the Old Testament

Another 23 people were killed execution style in Iraq Sunday afternoon.

All Headline News reports:

Iraq was rocked by fresh violence Sunday when gunmen took 23 Kurds from a bus in northern Iraq and shot them execution-style just hours after two suicide car bombers set off explosives near a police station in Baghdad killing 13 people and wounding 82, authorities said.

According to police, the shootings near the northern Iraqi town of Mosul happened after a group of gunmen stopped a bus filled with Christians and members of a tiny Kurdish religious sect. The gunmen then separated the Kurds from the other passengers and took them away to be shot.

The 23 dead were mostly Yazidis, members of a primarily Kurdish sect that worships an angel figure considered to be the devil by some Muslims and Christians, the Associated Press reports. Police said the executions appeared to be in response to the stoning death of a Yazidi woman who had recently converted to Islam.

Now where I have read about a stoning death before ...

Do you care--does it matter to you in slightest, as you buy your coffee and go off to work or school on Monday morning, that 36 people were killed and 82 injured yesterday in a country which the U.S. and Britain illegally invaded and illegally continue to occupy?

Nah--surely not. Never mind. Sorry to be a pain in the arse. Go on now. Don't miss the baseball game this afternoon, whatever you do.


Megs said...

caring... i care ... does my caring make any difference ... i hope so, but when it comes to the invasion of iraq, i feel powerless in the face of incredible evil.

i shall pray. for peace. PEACE!

i love you bens-
thank you for your social commentating.... you{re amazing!

stephanie said...

"Don't miss the baseball game"? And don't miss blogging on your computer, or whatever you do.

Benjamin Ady said...


You nailed it. But best of all would be to blog about pro baseball

stephanie said...


Fishpimp said...

I would love to continue our discussion on the impact of sports on society when you take a break from railing against other aspects of our culture.