Sunday, April 22, 2007

another 22 violent deaths in iraq this weekend

It seems reasonable to me to remember that since Iraq is a nation of 27 million, and the U.S. is a nation of 300 million, as a percentage of population iraq's losses are 10 times bigger than a loss of the same number in the U.S.

How is it that if 22 people had been killed in 4 violent attacks in the U.S. this weekend, it would have been at the top of both national and international headlines, but it did approach the tops of headlines when it happened in iraq?

How is it that 300 million americans are going to sleep in this morning, or get dressed up and go off to church, or do some outdoors acitivity, or go to work, or what have you, and mostly not know or care that in a nation across the world which we have invaded and occupied the violence is completely out of control?

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