Wednesday, April 04, 2007

chocolate Jesus?

This past Monday a gallery in New York City (where else?) cancelled the exhibition of a 6 foot tall, anatomically correct, naked sculpture of Jesus make entirely of chocolate entitled "My sweet lord". They cancelled it due to outcry/protest/pressure from ... people who thought it outrageous, including Cardinal Egan of New York, who called the display "sickening" and "scandalous" The creative director of the gallery resigned over the cancellation, and apparently offers are "pouring in" to host the exhibition elsewhere. I think it would probably have generated a lot less foofoorah in Seattle.
Do you agree with Cardinal Egan? why or why not? What is your reaction? Do you think there would be more or less foofoorah over such a work of art in other western nations?


Justin said...

Did the article say that the outrage was over it being made of chocolate, or that it was naked?

byron said...

My thoughts are here. I get very frustrated that some Christians always reach first for censorship, even before they've understood the art.

Benjamin Ady said...

apparently both (outrage over both the fact that it's made of chocolate, and the fact that it's naked)