Thursday, April 05, 2007

What are ...

The Catholic League has called the (now cancelled) display of a 6 foot tall, naked Jesus made entirely of chocolate an "attack on Christian sensibilities"

What exactly *are* "Christian sensibilities"? Did Jesus have them?


LP said...

the word "sensibilities" is dumb. it irritates me everytime someone uses it. (i.e. a modern dress with sixties sensibilities) fuck that.

anyway, the answer is no. jesus isn't hung up with that crap. jesus has truth, and jesus has not truth. love and not love. there's no "that seems offensive to anyone who's a christian, so we don't like it and we're going to call it an attack on our sensibilities"


don't they get that Love Wins? jesus would have had dinner with the artist and the art gallery. he would have loved. i'm so sick of christians who really aren't christ like.

Benjamin Ady said...


Just playing D.A. a bit here.

... would Jesus have perhaps been a bit more ... sensitive to the people who *do* have the sensibilities?

Or would those people most likely have been the pharisees?

Or is it a question of power? He didn't seem to be super sensitive, actually, to people's sensibilities, did he, no matter what their status. He's always freaking people out, saying things that are ... out of line. Maybe you're right--him and the artist would have gotten along.

LP said...

yeah.. i think those people would have been the pharisees.

and yes, he is always freaking people out.