Thursday, December 28, 2006

about Saddam

The Vatican joined Human Rights Watch today in calling for clemency for Saddam, saying that executing him would simply be responding to crime with more crime. I suspect there's not really much chance this will have any effect, and that come jan 31 2007, saddam hussein will be dead.

As I understand it, average evangelicals believe he will experience "eternal conscious torment" in hell. George Macdonald would argue that he'll eventually repent and get out of hell. I haven't read Brian Mclaren's latest book, but it is my understanding that he would argue against the eternal consious torment position.

I wonder what the average Muslim belief is as to Saddam's experiences after death?

I honestly wonder how *anyone* can ascribe to the eternal consious suffering position and at the same time claim to experience communion and love for and with and from god.



Megs said...

I'm annoyed with those who've hurried this trial along - i think it would be significant for the international community if we could slow down a bit and let Saddam be tried for his most serious crimes of genocide against Kurds and Marsh Arabs. And why death? Hasn't there been enough killing? Wouldn't an island, similar to the one Napolean was sentenced to, be a more humane response?

And the eternal destiny of Saddam ... you raise big, good questions about which we really can only speculate. I would very much like to believe in God's love somehow seeping into Saddam's being in such a way as to bring him deep hope and the experience of being loved. And even more so do I wish for his victims an experience of this love and hope.

Coco has just come in singing 'I got some toilet paper,' very sweetly. The taboo word! What euphemysm for toilet paper do you use in the USA? Now she
s singing 'I need to wipe my bottom'!!

I love you very much Bens darling!
Would you like to have a 'Before our suntans fade' party at our place on the evening of Saturday January 21st?

Benjamin Ady said...

Megsie--I love you so much--You're so intelligent *and* so gorgeous! How did I ever convince you to be my wife? I must be one clever fellow. It's toilet paper here, but in spanish it's "papel hygienico", that is to say "hygenic paper". so that's kind of fun.

yes yes a party a party.

stephy said...

I'm currently on board with the Great Divorce take on heaven and hell - that people who are headed to hell (whatever that is and if it exists) are comfortable with it here on earth, they're already in it (I think Lewis said they're in a precursor to it) and they can't be arsed to get out of it.
Anyway, a happy new year to you guys and I hope you made sure baby new year was well-spanked and diapered.