Monday, March 16, 2009

why John Beck with his property vault is a world class asshole

Here's a confession. I used to spend time, occasionally, working all night in places that tended to have on these televisions with late night early morning infomercials on them. The sound was turned down, but you could still get the gist. There were infomercials for things like penis enlargement products and home exercise kits of various sorts which promised all sorts of things. It always seemed to me that these infomercials are aimed at relatively poor, uneducated folks. The promises were always so absurd. One of these infomercials was John Beck with his property vault. If you buy into his system, it promised, you could make more money than you ever dreamed with relative ease.

I remember feeling vaguely angry at those people who were running those infomercials, and the way they must surely be taking advantage of people.

Recently someone I care about rather a lot got a bit interested, somehow, in John Beck's system. Then he realized it wasn't really for him, and tried to take advantage of their promises that you could opt out any time in the first 90 days. Instead, he continues to see attempts by them to charge his credit card account obscene amounts of money. He's currently having to work with his bankers to get these charges reversed and make sure no more pop up.

This really pisses me off royally. The person I'm talking about is in a really rough place right now, looking for some hope just about anywhere. It makes my blood boil that John Beck and his sleazy company are so willing to jump in to take advantage of that with false hope, practically stealing money in the process. I hope John Beck and his team of executives all got royally burned by Madoff. I hope they all get Job-like cases of boils, and find out their fathers were barren. I hope they inherit money on the order of Bill Gates' billions, and that it's still not enough to pay their medical bills.


Benjamin Ady said...

I hate that sort of exploitative stuff too - it's so greedy, and makes me very cynical. I hope the person you mentioned is more than extricated from their clutches, and that they do face the consequences of their actions.

Love you. Happy St Patrick's Day!
Your Irish wife

Moonaroo said...

I couldn't agree more with you on this. It seems as thought the rules regarding "truth in advertising" does not apply to infomercials and I wonder why this is?