Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Unlikely Disciple


College student Kevin Roose decided to leave Brown University and go to America's largest evangelical university, Liberty, which was founded back in the 70's by evangelical icon Jerry Falwell. He was kind of "undercover", since he wasn't really a Christian and didn't really buy into all the stuff one is expected to buy into as a student at Liberty. He wanted, however, to understand the students and culture of Liberty. He was asking himself questions like "Are they really so different from me?"

The result is the just published "The Unlikely Disciple". From the excerpt I read, along with the trailer below, it looks like Roose is amazingly sympathetic, and he chooses to empathize and humanize where many have mocked and belittled and alienated. I want to be more like this guy--willing to recognize that "the other" is just as human and real and important as I am--willing to go outside my comfort zone in order to engage people and stretch my boundaries. Rock on, Kevin Roose!

(Now I must off to see if I can arrange to get a free copy somehow, since I'm definitely too broke to buy it.)

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Moonaroo said...

Any way that you can pick it up at the library? Sounds like a good read.