Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pretend spiritual lives

"When we have beliefs that are not attached to actions - thats when we begin to live a “pretend” spiritual life"

-Jim Henderson, here.


Karin said...

That strikes me as true. It certainly means our lives will be fragmented, especially our internal life. This is not a healthy state spiritually, and will lead to poor emotional, and even physical, health.

I think most people pretend to themselves to some extent as we fail to live up to our own beliefs and ideals to some extent.

Empty words do no good, but if our beliefs are too idealistic or unrealistic we could run ourselves ragged trying to live up to them, yet never managing to.

We need healthy and realistic beliefs, which account for our limitations and failings, while encouraging us to do our best, to be considerate of others and the world around us, and to be prepared to come out of our comfort zone from time to time.

Megs said...

sounds exhausting...

DeeDee said...

so true - i know i've been there - but its really draining to live "pretend"

i do so much better when i'm being HONEST about where i am - even if its not where I wish to be - or not as spiritually minded as i wish i were -

but when i'm honest - that's when life begins, and i can change from that place -
but if i never admit that place of where i am -

i will never move from it...