Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is this guy crazy? David Wilkerson's "urgent message"

"Crazy", of course, is one of those words that in some sense has become fairly useless.

I remember reading David Wilkerson's "The Cross and the Switchblade" as a teenager. It was fairly popular in church circles back in the day.

Recently he has predicted huge worldwide disaster. I mostly think he's a nut. There it is. I feel kind of sad about all the people who will hear his words and believe him and feel even more fear than they already do.

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Karin said...

These are uncertain times for many and some people will exploit that and fan the flames of fear to increase their power-base and their bank balance.

However, what with the serious financial trouble most countries' of the world are in and the predictions of what could happen as a result of global warming, our reckless consumerism and the probable depletion of the world's oil resources, it is possible there are even more uncertain times ahead.

Scaremongering won't help, though, and I cannot think God would condone it, let alone encourage it.

I think it would be better to pursue peace and justice and to learn to treat God's Creation, including other people whatever their race, sex or creed, with care and respect. That way at least we have a chance of avoiding disaster.