Wednesday, October 15, 2008

""""Health of the mother""""

Does this come across to you as totally, shockingly, unbelievalby dismissive of pregnant women in the same way it does to me? I just about fell over when I saw McCain say this last night. I felt furious. My mind instantly went to my beautiful wife Megsie, who almost died giving birth to our beautiful super amazing daughter Eowyn. I hope Cindi McCain sticks up for her gender and gives McCain what for over this.

I bet this video hits 100,000 views by the end of Friday.

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Martin said...

(A poll )was conducted by Fox News last October and found that 56 percent of Americans support legal abortion if "the pregnancy puts the woman's mental health at risk."
The claim is that the health exception leaves the decision up to whatever a doctor thinks or claims to think. "Health" is a broad criterion, and "risk to health" is even broader, and "risk to mental health" is broader still. Are you restricting abortion at all if you have an exception for a "risk to mental health"? Maybe abortion shouldn't be restricted, but why not just say that?