Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have you ever played wink?

Also known as Ratchet Screwdriver, Bloody Winkum, and, among Young Friends in the New Zealand and Australia, the Kissing Game. ("Young Friends" here refers to, I believe, Young Quakers.)

I've never heard of this game before. I found it in the process of trying to learn the etymology of "hoodwink".

It sounds like a lot of fun. Does the fact that it sounds like a lot of fun to me prove that I'm young at heart?

Reading about the game reminded me of the sort of lovely communityish feeling one gets, in cultures where everyone kisses everyone else on the cheek, when one exchanges kisses with other people. I *do* rather hope to live in Argentina again, at some point in my life.


Seren said...

Well i've played the 19th century version, except the pairs weren't gendered.

byron smith said...

I've also played the 19thC version.

Benjamin Ady said...

ah. the 19th century version does sound relatively ... safer =)

Megs said...

oh, DO let's live in Argentina again!
and (though i've not read the description!), DO let's play wink too!

Seren said...

At children's birthday parties or sunday school