Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I got this letter today from Mark Earley of Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship. I can't decide which is more offputting--the aggressively urgent marketing tone, or the underlying message that "prison ministry" is somehow as important as the mere need to reform the justice system so we *don't* have the highest incarceration rate in the world (that is, stop locking people up like animals! Especially for completely stupid harmless stuff like possessing or smoking or selling or doing anything with marijuana. (for instance.))

Does anyone else find this as offputting as I do?

The really sad thing is that prison fellowship *does* do some really kewl work. Oh well.

Dear Benjamin,

In just 14 days, Prison Fellowship's fiscal year will come to a close. We really need your help if we are to end the year in the black AND fulfill an amazing $500,000 Matching Grant that will DOUBLE your gift today. (https://donations.pfm.org/am/customsource/PublicDonationFYE1_6-17-08.cfm?ID=1861)

While it has been a tremendous year of ministry for us, financially we are down. Due to a declining stock market and the housing crisis, our supporters have been giving less and, as a result, we face a budget shortfall of $1.4 million. At the same time, the prison population is growing, and never has our work together been more important.

The Pew Center reports that for the first time in America's history, 1 in 32 American adults is currently in prison, or on probation or parole!!

This truly is a "crime crisis." The United States has a $62 billion, 2.3 million prisoner problem with re-arrest rates of 66% and re-incarceration rates of 50% within three years after release. Shockingly, 1 out of 100 American adults are behind bars!

Now is the time to press ahead with prison ministry, not cut back! But unless friends like you help before the fiscal year ends 14 days from now, we might be compelled to make even deeper cuts into vital prison ministry programs than we already have – and this crisis will remain unanswered.

Your most generous gift today will go TWICE as far when DOUBLED by the $500,000 Matching Grant. (https://donations.pfm.org/am/customsource/PublicDonationFYE1_6-17-08.cfm?ID=1861) Jesus truly is the answer to America's crime crisis—and your support of Prison Fellowship has put us in a position to proclaim His Good News behind bolted doors.

So please, visit our secure website (https://donations.pfm.org/am/customsource/PublicDonationFYE1_6-17-08.cfm?ID=1861) and give as generously as you are able today. And, more importantly, I hope you will continue to keep Prison Fellowship in your prayers.

In His grace,

Mark Earley

P.S. We need your prayers and full support to meet this Matching Grant challenge! (https://donations.pfm.org/am/customsource/PublicDonationFYE1_6-17-08.cfm?ID=1861) If God leads you to help, please don't put it off – we have just 14 days left and much work to do.

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Joe said...

Just the same old crap. We get these things all the time. It makes no difference at all to our giving.