Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Video

The Lord's Resistance Army: therapy for former child soldiers.

(warning--this might be difficult for some to watch. Compared to what is actually happening, in Northern Uganda, it's fairly gentle, but that's relative)

By the way, aren't African people physically beautiful? I hope it's not racist for me to say so. But especially ever since hanging out for a while in West Africa, I've had this sense of envy about that--wishing I were that beautiful.


JadeEJF said...

Hi guys! This is Beth (of Beth and Carl from Shemaiah's party the other night). I just thought I'd say hey, and send you the link to my blog ( I haven't read very much of yours yet, but I like it so far ;)

JadeEJF said...

Also, if you guys know of anything worth doing tonight (Saturday), we're all ears! We're officially totally bored out of our wits :/

Benjamin Ady said...

hey beth--thanks for dropping by my blog.
The book looks really kewl.
How do I get a free signed copy =)

ha--we're tuckered out. Do you like live jazz? Tula's downtown has always has really nice music and great food, and all very reasonably priced.
Also, quest church is pretty kewl, and they have a saturday evening service, I think.
Or you could go see Amazing Grace.
Or you could work on your resume =)

JadeEJF said...

Haha- thanks! :) We love jazz (sorry I didn't respond earlier, I'm a slowpoke)... and it's good to know about Quest church! Or you're right, I *could* go work on my resume. But who does that on a Saturday night?? :)

phoeberae said...

So sad when kids can't just be kids and have to endure this. That guy who'd be mutilated as a child was incredible. What edurance!

I think you're spot on with the beautiful comment. The structure and symmetry of their eyes and noses and the depth of colour they have are amazing. Such incredible human beings, so so sad that they are in this environment.