Monday, March 12, 2007


So it's finals week, and our laptop broke and is in the shop.


At least there's free food at the hub tonite.

so I suggest watch Eugene Jarecki's Why We Fight, and discuss it with us on Friday at JaC.


byron said...

Mmmm, free food...
Hope the finals go ok.

Hey, when you have a moment, how did you get the tag cloud on the sidebar?

Benjamin Ady said...


the short answer is: I googled something like "tag cloud for blogger" or maybe "label cloud for blogger", or maybe "label cloud for new blogger" or something like that, or a couple of those, and I found a couple reasonably clear explanations of how to do that, and then I copied and pasted the code from those explanations, and then it didn't work, and then I studied the explanations a bit, and found another explanation somewhere else, then based on what I learned, I tweaked this, and I tweaked that, and kept checking to see if it worked, and all of a sudden, kazaam, there it was.

Hope that's helfpul

Benjamin Ady said...

oh, byron, I think those google searches might have included "how to" at the front of them.

byron said...

Thanks! Can you remember which explanation was particularly helpful? I've got the Googling and trying it out and it not working stage, but haven't yet had the kazaam.