Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Videos: Cluster munitions.

We dropped *millions* of these little fuckers in Laos and Vietnam way back in the 60's and 70's, and little kids and adults in their agricultural subsistence economies still find them and get killed or maimed by them every year. The government of Laos (understandably) *won't* have any U.S. government help to continue the massive cleanup that is still going on 3 decades later, so it's all being done on the relatively tiny budgets of the government of Laos and handful of extremently kewl, extremely dedicated NGO's.

The completely fucked thing is that we are still making and still dropping these little horrors *this* year! So in 40 years, we can still be killing innocent civilians with the unexploded bomblets.


Rachel said...

I was recently listening to Tony Campolo's podcast and he said that while he can understand why some people find it hard to believe that God exists, he can't understand why anyone wouldn't believe that Satan exists. These videos certainly bolster that argument.

And meanwhile our blessed President has the audacity to say in his State of the Union address, "Our cause in the world is right."

Anonymous said...

Just remember,
violence may not be the best option but its still an option!