Thursday, November 30, 2006

why Bill Clinton is a hero-100,000 children treated for AIDS!

This in the brilliant excellent good news for the week section.

So here's a question for all the clinton bashers who think george bush is so wonderful. What has w ever done to compare with today's news that the clinton foundation is helping to ensure that an additional 100,000 children have access to HIV drugs in 2007? Yippee! Try to imagine what this means for just one child in the less developed world, and then multiply by 100,000, and just try not to smile. And then remember that it means the same thing tomorrow, and the day after that, and every single blessed day of 2007. Rock on.


Megs said...

i'm gonna miss you darling! i love you!! but i can read your wonderful blog!! what a wonderful story! hoorah! it always amazes me and scares me to think of how many people are vulnerable to whether we who have a greater share in the power decide to be kind to them or not.

sam said...

i've always like mr. c. this is great.

Jonathan Cullum said...

Has GWB ever done anything worthwhile? Apples and Oranges, Benjamin.

Yippee for Clinton, who once again is spending other peoples money and taking credit for himself. It's wonderful for the children in Africa, and I'm glad his Foundation is doing something worthwhile.

Take a look at the 2005 audited financials: $8,338,788 for Direct Program Expenditures, compared with $5,160,457 for travel and $6,091,511 for "event expenses".

You can spin this as you did, or cynically, such as this: Clinton is continuing to try and rescue his failed legacy by wonderful charity paid for with $450,000 from Denise Rich (for Marc Rich's pardon), $500,000 from BOA for Rich Hendriks pardon, et. al. etc. etc. etc.

or maybe it's somewhere in between.

Benjamin Ady said...


You remind me of the line from the wedding in My big fat greek wedding "In the end, we are all fruit". I think the comparison will hold up well. That is to say, I think if we were to continue the comparions of w and clinton along the lines you suggest--follow the money, and try to decide which is more corrupt, and which is associated with better use of the money, clinton would easily come out looking better hands down. I'm thinking about big oil, big weapons manufacturers, etc. etc. People dying, or people getting pardoned? children being killed, or children being cured? etc. etc. etc.