Sunday, November 12, 2006

update and change in date of Mark Driscoll protest

So the Mark Driscoll protest (mentioned in the post directly below this one) is now going to be on December 3. Please make a note of it.

Feel free to read about my visit to Mars Hill Church this morning here

And here's today's astonomy photo of the day--the cat's eye nebula


me said...

hey ben, how's it going?

how do i send someone a link to where the guitare video that you posted on friday, is on you-tube. RHea

Benjamin Ady said...

rhea. here it is

or here it is

in future--you can right click on an open area of any blog, and choose "view source" and when that comes up, if you are looking for a youtube video, click on edit, find, type in youtube, try each link you find. Does that make sense?

Or you can always just ask
Plus I left a clue in the post title. If you go to you tube and search "awesome guitarist", this comes up third. Enjoy

me said...

thanks 4 IT support ben!