Friday, October 02, 2009

Pam Hogeweide interviews William Paul Young on genderbending God the Father in his book The Shack

Pam, you rock for doing this interview.  I hope all my Christian friends read it.

I continue to like Paul Young more and more, after really disliking the book.

Paul says

If the reality of a relationship with a God who is Spirit is lost in gender referencing imagery, then we have indeed erred, whether we have turned to female goddess imagery or male Zeus/Gandalf imagery

Read the interview here:


mec said...

A friend of mine describes God as "genderful" rather than "genderless"--to my mind a very affirming distinction.

Thanks for posting the interview link; I may have to read "The Shack" at some point....

Seren said...

So is the g/God/ess sexual?

Benjamin Ady said...

Well mine certainly is.

Seren said...

Or "sex-full"?!
Certainly desirous, in alot of people's reported experience.

Al said...

I quite enjoyed the book, particularly 'Papa'. For me, it only serves to add to my understanding of the personality of God.
Interesting description of what many probably think is standard biblical theology--"male Zeus/Gandalf imagery".
mec, I like your idea of 'genderful'.
Since sex is as much relational and emotional as it is physical, I expect God probably is sexual.
Benjamin, thanks for posting this.

Benjamin Ady said...

mine's both sexual and sexfull.

Al--you're welcome. =)