Thursday, October 08, 2009

Faster than even I imagined.

"As proof of the way that the Kindle has changed reader habits, [Amazon CEO Jeff] Bezos brings up an amazing statistic. Earlier this year, he startled people by revealing that of books available on both Kindle and paper versions, 35 percent of copies sold by Amazon were Kindle versions. Now, he says, the number is up to 48 percent. This means that a lot of people have bought Kindles (Amazon won’t reveal the figures) and that Kindle owners buy a lot of books."

  -From this article

(just sit, for three minutes, and ponder the implications.)

(for instance--maybe my grandkids are going to look at paper books the way I look at rotary dial phones.)

(and in October they're coming out with a kindle 1 which can access the web wirelessly in 100 nations, unlike the one I currently have, which only works that way in the U.S.  And here I am moving to Australia in December.  sigh.)


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Seren Rose said...

I'm guessing Kindle is some sort of electronic book? A bit like Penny's? (Inspector Gadget's neice, that is).

You've no idea what a back water you are moving to here in Melbourne!!

Not really, I think I've just created a little back water of my own, being rather out of touch with it all.