Thursday, October 08, 2009

Non-anonymous, and (more or less) having a name

110,000 results on google for the specific (and perhaps excessively wordy) phrase "non anonymous"

They could have just said "onymous". By the way, apparently neither the adjective "onymous" nor the adjective "anonymous" have comparative or superlative forms (that is: "onymouser" and "onymousest"). Which is actually quite interesting. It seems one either has a name or one doesn't--there's no more or less having a name. Is there?

Well--why not? One could write a short story around the idea of "onymouser". I shall have to submit this idea to my author/goddess in residence.

I definitely feel onymouser than I did, say, five years ago.


Megs said...

i'm glad you feel onymouser than you did 5 years ago, dearling Bens!

Seren said...

That's fascinating! Why do you think you feel more name-ed now that you did five years ago?

What does it feel like - before and after? Or, less and more?

Benjamin Ady said...


Definitely less and more.

I think I feel more name-ed now than I did five years ago because I am more able to know myself. I've developed internal space where I can stand and see myself. I grown enormously in my ability to look at and listen to myself instead of running in actual terror from my self. My ability to name myself has grown.

thank you for asking! =)

How about you? Do you feel onymouser, or anonymouser, than you did five years ago? Why?

Seren said...

I think, when I changed my name, I wanted to name myself. Which was fun, choosing a name, but also significant. Being to do with signifiers!

I did wonder if being onymouser meant having /more/ names.

But I do also feel anonymous, in part. Which I don't mind. Or i'm not sure if i mind all the time.

or i'm confused, and have plenty to think about.