Sunday, April 19, 2009

two articles from today

Bono asks "It's 2009: Do you know where your soul is"

We used to say that all we wanted for the rest of the world was what we had for ourselves. Then we found out that if every living soul on the planet had a fridge and a house and an S.U.V., we would choke on our own exhaust.

and Vanessa Ho writes "Church won't host homeless shelter that doesn't do sex offender checks"

Homeless legal secretary Hendel, who has a bad back and depression, said "Our hopes were so high. But that's life."


Joe said...

Good articles Benjamin. It is shocking to think that the 'basics' do not apply to a large percentage of the population of the world.

And there is an inerrant problem at the heart of Christian service. We turn away some of the people most in need of help (eg sex offenders) because they're too difficult. On the other hand, I suppose the church doesn't exactly have a great record on child protection.

Megs said...

you're not a waste of space in my humble opinion! i rather like the space which is you!