Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death to bad tigers!

In case you haven't seen this. Love the song, and loved this iteration of it. Go Susan! Hope she wins it =)

The Shining Four (You know who you are) used to have a thing with this song, and dancing on the tigers in stocking feet, in the main meeting room. Here's to the deaths of tigers of the sort mentioned in this song--Shere Kahn and his ilk


Megs said...

i LOOOOOVE this! I love the redemption! I was so upset by the rude looks everybody except the blonde judge were giving at the start, and yet what an amazing APPLAUSE and supportiveness from those selfsame people! WOW! and thanks bens for your reference to tigers, and we shining four!

Simon said...

the shining, shining, SHINING four! i loved your poem about that, benjamin. the lady is a wonderful depiction that the unglamorous and unlovely has worth and beauty; not just because she has a great, natural talent, but because of who she is as a person.
love to the adys from the menelaws.
p.s. do you know the very strange paradoxical thing about this is that tigers are my favourite animal? there is a picture of three cubs looking at me from my wall. ever our greatest fears and dreads can be viewed as things of harmlessness and beauty...