Sunday, September 28, 2008

Witness Protection

I wonder if the NSA is picking up on this post? =p

Have you ever known someone--a whole family--who were there one day, and then they were gone the next, seemingly having dropped off the very face of the planet?

I know a family that used to live not too far from here. They had a bunch of kids, and I used to go to church with them. A while ago they disappeared. All of them--mom, dad, and all the kids. Their parents don't know where they are. Their church denies that they were ever members. Their former workmates don't know any thing.

Very strange. I have concluded they must have gone into the federal witness protection program. That would very very seriously suck, in my opinion. I hope they are coping reasonably well with the trauma, in their new life. I hope whatever bastard or bastards they are testifying against get life in prison with no parole, along with all their cronies and confederates. This despite the fact that I'm rather of the opinion that putting people in prison is generally just a bad, dumb idea.

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