Monday, September 29, 2008

Not again!

I am *seriously* pissed off by this whole $700 Billion dollar bailout of wall street thing. More evidence that Americans are just stupid. Period. The bloody congress and senate are going to pass this thing. Not *one* leader (at least not that I've heard) has called Bush and co. on their ridiculous urgency. The so called "House republicans" seemed to be providing a little resistance, for a while. But alas.

Nancy Pelosi should seriously be fired. Immediately. The frog is officially boiled.

Can someone please explain to me what's going to happen to *me* if we *don't* pass this "urgent legislation"? I'm *still* not getting it.


Joe said...

What I don't get is this... if the $700 billion is the equivalent of a insurance bailout for all the bad loans... and if the economy get a shitload worse... isn't there a good chance that the government could lose all $700 billion?

How much would it take to bankrupt the government?

byron smith said...

Love the video. Or rather, hate it. But you know what I mean.

Liz said...

not you, but people who depend on the stock market for their income are screwed. They pay for the dumb ass realtors and greedy ass consumers who encourage people to/choose to (pick one) live beyond their means. Unfortunatlely, any way you slice it, the idiots responsible for this mess will not be the ones paying for it. The dumbasses who bought homes they couldn't afford are probably right back there getting kicked out of their trailers for not making rent this month. And the realtors who were wetting themselves over making a boatload of dough in a hurry are probably hedging their bets some other way. No, the people who will pay for it aren't THESE particular boneheads. People who lived frugally and invested wisely will get screwed because other people are greedy fucks.

Liz said...

you are very concerned about other people to the point you feel guilty that there are suffering people all over. Does that compassion extend to people who may rely on investments and have worked hard all their lives? Or is it only people you perceive as being victims?