Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My birthday wish list

Stuff I want for my birthday, which is on the 6th:

1. A space fountain (I don't want to own it, necessarily--just to be able to watch it in operation).
2. An easy/quick way to suddenly always be kind and gracious to my wife and children (and other people).
3. Better listening skills.
4. A deferred (or at least deferrable) acceptance to the Son-Rise child facilitator training program in Massachusetts.
5. For all these companies to quite suddenly go bankrupt (or correlationally, for the percent of the world's GDP spent on arms to drop quite suddenly from ~2% to ~0%). (Note: there are only ~4000 google results for "corellationally".  Can you think of a word that only returns ~4000 google results?)
6. For these folks to get what they want.
7. This one is a secret.
8. A copy of my brother in law's new novel, preferably electronic (not only so I can read it, but also so someday I can say I was among the very first to ever read or even see it, back in the day).
9. My dad to miraculously get much healthier.
10. For people with whom I converse around here to stop mispronouncing "Melbourne" "Mel boorrrrn" and start pronouncing it "MEL bin" as it's meant to be pronounced.

If I have to choose just one, I'm going with 3.

I'm still working on pi in Roman numerals.


byron smith said...

#6 Here's one with ~5,500.
#10 Hahaha!

Benjamin Ady said...

you're lovely Bens!

Tony said...

Happy, belated birthday, Ben...

Martin said...

Yes but also Monsanto. Did you know that they are headquarted in East St Louis, the most bankrupt black city in Illinois - not even on many maps as being in Illinois but it is, of course - what else could be across the river but Illinoisland? Here is the funny part - they incorporated thier own island city inside of east St Louis called Sonje so that they don't have to pay property taxes to East St Louis for the school systems. This means that none of the profits earned through the intellectual property protections covered by international law effective in Afgahnistan - Monsanto's growth market for Roundup-ready opium seed - will not go to educate poor blacks in East St Louis, effectively overturning not only Brown v Board, but also Plessy v Ferguson separate but equal.

Martin said...

Regarding #6. George Schultz already had the opportunity to eliminate nuclear weapons when M Gorbachev discussed the 'zero option' with Ronnie and Schultz was right exactly there, and whispered in Ronnie's ear "you did the right thing Mr President', when Ronnie asked him whether he should have been more open to the suggestion afther he said to Gorbachev "You must think I'm stupid."
On the other had, Schultz is, or can be, stupid as in viz: http://bit.ly/GeorgeSchultz

Martin said...

Merry Christmas.