Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seattle Mayoral candidates

First impressions:

1. Elizabeth Campbell has a really unfortunate photo of herself at the top of her campaign web page.

3. Jan Drago page has a broken linked image at the top of her campaign web page which doesn't load in Chrome (although it looks ok in Firefox). This leaves her page looking like it has a big ugly hole in it, at least for us Chrome users.

4. Joe Mallahan looks ok at first impression. Plus I found a little advert for him downtown yesterday. He seems to be on top of things.

5. Kwame Garrett seems to lack a certain amount of credibility.

7. Michael McGinn has no photo at all on his campaign web page. Makes one wonder if he has some sort of really obvious deformity or something.

8. Greg Nickels' campaign web page looks ok at first impression. Of course he's only got a 30% job approval rating, which makes one wonder.

9. Norman Sigler makes a dazzling first impression. I see his face and I want to vote for him. Wow.


Gary Means said...

I see that Joe Mallahan is a T-mobile VP. Michael McGinn has a video up now. No obvious deformities. I saw somewhere that he's with the Sierra Club.

I haven't been a Seattle resident for about 20 years. I don't much miss Seattle politics.

Gary Means said...

What an odd campaign slogan for Jan Drago, "Cares about Seattle like Nobody's Business." That can be interpreted different ways. Poor choice. Makes me have doubts about her capability if she can't communicate clearly on something as central as a campaign slogan.