Thursday, May 28, 2009


LOPWMIPFMTIMAC stands for "List Of People Who Make It Possible For Me To Imagine Myself A Christian"

Google currently returns zero results for this acronym. Which means we can watch to see how long it takes them to pick up this post. (and we can also compare their elapsed time to pick up to Live search, and Yahoo, and any of several other search engines. But there's no point really, because we all know Google will beat them hands down. All of them.)

Google also says, in response to this search, "Do you mean LOWMIPFMTIMAC?" Which is uber wierd, because that acronym also returns zero results, and I have absolutely no idea what it stands for (although no doubt I could make something up).

Here's a very partial iteration of my version of LOPWMIPFMTIMAC:

Jim Henderson
Myles Toews
George Macdonald
Rose Swetman
Dick Staub
Jim Wallis
Martin Luther King Jr.
Rachel Corrie
Rachel Stanton
Joe Turner

Maybe I should also compose a LOPWMIIFMTIMAC. Nah. that wouldn't be very nice.


Joe said...

Looks like you're there for both of them now on google ;)

Isn't the truth that faith is as much about unbelief as belief? Sometimes I believe, sometimes I don't. Most of the time I don't think about it.

Which is why Jim's preoccupation is important - actions matter more than piety.

Like a Mustard Seed said...

Hey I know Myles Toews...

so what is it about him, or any of these other folks, that lands them on this list of yours?


Benjamin Ady said...


You just have this way of saying, rather well, things that I think.


Myles Toews so very much rocks in almost every possible way.

He was director of LOGOS II when I joined her. In the midst of the insanity and stupidity and lots of related words that comprised the LOGOS II, Myles was a voice of reason, graciousness, humility, perspective, patience.

He said of Brennan Manning's yotta brilliant "The Ragamuffin Gospel" "I have to read it about every year or so, when they are getting a bit too holy."

He has the gift of being open to, and helping create, stories like this oneI could tell stories about all the people on this list. They are the type of people who take on the world, both ... intelectually and practitionally, is one that I both admire and like (which are two different things, by the way).

Benjamin Ady said...

Looks like google picked it up in a matter of hours. yahoo and livesearch still hadn't gotten it after 24. Now yahoo has one result which is a reference to this post on another blog, but it still doesn't have this post directly. livesearch still has nothing.

My predictions were correct. And livesearch still amazingly sucks.

Benjamin Ady said...

hey look, google has also now managed to go back and pick up the march 17 iteration of this acronym from within the text of a post on this blog. that's pretty amazing.

Megs said...

Where's Megan Ady?!

Joe said...

Megs, you're my hero. I've no idea why I'm on the list and you're not..

Like a Mustard Seed said...

Thanks for the link to that post about Myles and that OM reunion thing (I had no idea there was such a thing, and even if I had, I'm not sure if I couldn't gone...) That's really cool that he was able to detect your discomfort with the rose-colored versions of an experience like the ship...

It's interesting, cuz if I remember correctly, Myles was instrumental in my not being kicked off the Logos II... I think he came pretty close, but I think in the end they decided against it, because there was a perpetual shortage of watchkeeper's in the engine room...

(and yes, Onni Hytti was one crazy tough dude. He also hated my guts, and I was positively scared of him!)