Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow in Seattle (an unusual treat). And sledding!

My new camera phone is pretty kewl. It has this software which allows you to take three photos as a panorama and stitches them together. A few weeks ago I published the above, the view from the hilltop just down from our house. Here the same view, with Snow!!

Just to the left of where that view is seen from there is a great sledding hill. There goes Megsie--yippee! This is a one minute walk from our house. Coco, who happily went sledding with me on Tuesday, didn't want to sled today--she seemed a little ... somber. She just stood at the top of the hill and watched.

Wow I love the snow.

Here's a little slideshow of all the photos I've taken on the new camera phone since I got it for my birthday. The camera seems to take such nice photos in spite of it's user's inaptitude.

Here's a link to the album


Victor and Rachel J-L said...

What a beautiful snow scene!
Enjoy your last white Winter for a while...

gretta at lothlorien said...

How beautiful!