Sunday, December 28, 2008

If I had a lot of money,

I'd be willing to bet most of it that at least 98% of all people who have a problem with other people putting photos of themselves breastfeeding their own infants on FaceBook also voted for George Bush twice *and* John McCain (and, by implication, that they are American).

But I could be wrong.


stephy said...

I have a problem with it, when it seems histrionic. Am I in the 2%?

Liz said...

um, yeah, I bet the woman in Provo, Utah (the one quoted) isn't a flaming liberal. I'd bet my bottom dollar that she had her political eyes fastened on Republican and conservative (and Mormon) Mitt Romney.
I'd say its pretty equal. Certain types of parenting freakiness seem to play out equally well at both the very far left and the very far right of the spectrum. Not sure why that is.
On the one hand, I don't find it a big deal that people post pix like this, but I certainly wouldn't. NOt because I find it "shameful" but because I find it private. On the other, I am not sure I find this worthy of a humongous protest in front of facebook HQ. Right now I am pissed that myspace deleted the playlist music players but that's really just the way it goes. I have bigger fish to fry.