Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hillary's "debt"

I'm a bit confused. Can anyone help me out with this concept?

Reports have it that Hillary Clinton's campaign to be President of the United States is 23 million dollars in "debt", including 11 million which she "loaned herself". Furthermore, apparently some people within the Hillary campaign, and some of her supporters, are upset because Obama and all his friends aren't doing enough to help her retire the "debt". For instance, here.

But reports *also* have it that Hillary ended 2007 as the proud owner of 35 million dollars in fairly liquid assets. (not to mention her husband's wealth).

So again, I'm a bit confused. If she ... "loaned" her campaign 11 million, that leaves her with ... 24 million. Which means she can quite *easily* pay of the other ... 12 million of campaign debt, and still have 12 million dollars left over.

Is 12 million dollars not enough? I mean if you stick 12 million dollars in a *super* conservative investment portfolio, you can very easily make 8 percent a year with pretty much zero risk. Which works out to ... an annual income of 960,000 dollars, without ever raising a finger. If you add in her Senate Salary of 169,000, that gives her an annual income of 1,129,000 dollars, which puts her in the top .001% of all wage earners in the world, basically making her approximately the 107,000th richest person in a world of nearly 7 billion people.

Maybe I'm missing something. I don't understand about the "debt", nor about the emotions associated. Can anyone help me out here?

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